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3 ways to help your business stay afloat after Brexit hits

There is a tonne of uncertainty floating around at the moment and banks are becoming less and less likely to loan money to the more at risk individuals. What businesses need to be doing to fund their small businesses, start-ups, or even larger companies will need to shift to a more economical and trade based way of building up the infrastructure of their businesses. To follow are 3 ways you can keep your business afloat when things get tough.


  1. Trade your services for the services for others

Get in touch with local businesses and see if there is a way you could help each other out.  There is often something you can offer that a business will need, but it’s always best to do some research first. For example, if there’s a local digital company that you think could help you improve your online presence why not dig a little deeper to see if they could really benefit from the services your provide.


  1. Sweat the small stuff

When times are tough it’s important that you track and monitor every single detail within your business. If you maintain an attention to detail to all your in-goings and out-goings you’ll be able to analyse things that may be costing you more than they should and help you find way to be much niftier within your business.


  1. Evaluate your staffing needs

Paying your staff is one of the most costly things within a business, so evaluating what each member of staff brings to the table can be really affective to working out whether you really need as many staff as you have.

Whilst it isn’t always ideal to have to let staff go and it can be hard to do; sometimes it is the only option.