SME business meeting

4 Steps to SME success

There are millions of businesses worldwide all fighting for their share of success. Whilst you may have a great product or service that you know people should want, the answers lie within the people. Your customers, other businesses and the staff you hire will all determine how successful you are with your SME.


  1. Understand your customer

The most integral part to any business is the customer. After all, the business would not be able to grow without its customers.

Each company should be aware of their buyer personas, buyers’ journey, and the best ways to target them along the way and bring them in to make a conversion.

Understanding your customer is truly the heart of any business and is the way that your small enterprise can expand.

  1. Build strong relationships

Relationships are an important part of life. The connections we make pave our futures and the success that lies in our paths. It’s not what you know, it who you know.

Relationships such as bartering agreements and contra dealing can help keep your business costs down whilst helping you grow. They are also great ways to spread the word about what you do and get recommendations in.


  1. Nurture your staff

Your staff are the people that represent you and what you do. They are the people that make decisions for the business and the ones that can either work really hard to build you up or only stay around for the money.

The aim is to build up your staff so that they also help you out. If you are working hard to give them opportunities, experience and training then they are more likely to be happy to work hard.

Your staff can make or break your business, so always invest in them and ensure they are looked after from both training, development, and health and safety perspective.


  1. Constantly analyse and improve

Many people think they have got everything sorted and nothing needs to improve. After all you are getting a lot of sales coming in and things are looking great. Even on a good day there are things you can do better. Constantly weigh up costs of improvements and only do things that will directly add value.


Businesses need people to succeed. Whether its your customers, other business or your staff – you need to build strong relationships with them and understand what you can do to help them. SME success should be over the horizon if you stick with these rules.