5 key tips to keep in mind when setting up a new office

When you are setting up a new office, there are a lot of things to keep in mind. All the office equipment, the layout of the space, and even the location of the office for your employees to commute from are all important parts to keep in mind when deciding on setting up a new office space. 

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Why would you need a new office space? 

Before we go into more detail about the 5 key tips, why would people need a new office space anyway?  According to LinkedIn, the main reason to decide on a new office space is to ‘create and maintain a safe workspace for the employees who come to work’. 

An employer may decide they have had their office space for a long time and the building may need a lot of work done to it leading to a question on safety. Therefore, the employer may find setting up a new space will be the more affordable option over fixing the older one. 

  1. Consider your desk requirements 

One of the main things to consider when setting up a new office is considering your desk requirements. The number of employees needs to be considered and if you are a growing company, you need to ensure you have enough desk space for new team members. Ensuring the space is a collaborative environment is important also, so if team members need to discuss work with each other, they can. 

It’s also important to consider if your employees work full time at the office, or spend time at home. If your business does have a hybrid working model and your employees work from home, then the volume of desk space will be slightly less important.

  1. Create opportunities for movement 

According to Hedge, standing for at least two minutes every half an hour worked can ‘help ensure your muscle and bones keep strong’. 

It’s also important to consider opportunities for movement when setting up a new office space. When employees are working full time at an office job they may have an urge to walk around the office to stretch their legs. Ensuring the office space has a kitchen or a walkway will help employees feel they can have short breaks when required. This also has health benefits too. 

  1. Add plaques to office doors 

If you do have a new office space, employees may be unsure where people are located. Adding plaques to office doors will help keep the layout clear and reduce the chance of employees feeling lost throughout the working day. 

Businesses like Brunel Engraving offer a variety of business plaques made in a variety of shapes, sizes, and durable materials, allowing you to choose plaques best suited for your business.

  1. Invest in office furniture

To ensure a comfortable homely feel for you and your employees, consider some office furniture. This will help the office feel more comfortable and be a more exciting space to work from. Some examples of office furniture can include sofas, dining tables, comfortable office chairs, file cabinets and so much more. 

This can benefit the mental well-being of your employees, improving productivity. 

  1. Think about the number of meetings you are going to have

It’s crucial you don’t just have a sufficient amount of desk space, but meeting space too. Employees may have team meetings where they will need a separate space and more than one of these may be happening at once. Therefore, having at least two office meeting spaces will help the smooth running of the business. 

If you plan on having clients come to your office, ensuring you have a comfortable office space is important for their experience. 

Overall, we hope these five key tips will help if you are an employer deciding on setting up a new office. Considering the space, number of employees, and comfort are some of the crucial things to remember.