About Contra Dealer

Contra dealing, or bartering, has made a big come back amongst businesses in the last few years. According to the International Reciprocal Trade Association in the US business-to-business bartering is worth six-billion-dollars worldwide… and it is expected to grow by more than 10% annually.

Could contra dealing benefit your company?

The definition of bartering is the ‘exchange of goods and services without monetary transaction’. Bartering is the simple transaction between two parties, who have something of equal value that the other wants or needs, so they agree to swap.

This kind of transaction has been going on for thousands of years and for good reason. Neither party has to part with any real cash to gain their desired product or service. And companies can shift unwanted stock, or stock that they would have had to pay to advertise for sale, in one swift transaction. Therefore cash flow and stock management are the main beneficiaries.

Successful contra dealing today

The internet has enabled companies to barter with each other in an easy and inexpensive way. It has made it possible to research possible contra deal partners and contact them with relevant proposals. You may find it economical to enlist the help of a professional bartering intermediary who will put you in contact with relevant swap partners and liaise between the parties when it comes to the swap valuation and fulfillment.

Please always bear in mind that contra dealing is treated in exactly the same way as any other business transaction by the tax authorities so it has no tax advantages or disadvantages. You need to keep a full paper trail and report the transaction along with all your other business sales and revenues.

For any more advice on how you can take advantage of this opportunity to gain what you want by offering what you can spare please contact us here at Contra Dealer.