What is Bartercard?

Arranging a successful contra-deal relies as much on finding the right partner as it does on having something to trade. The ability to find trade partners online has made it easier than ever before to source the perfect deal, and websites like Bartercard enable traders to browse offers from hundreds of different partners.
Bartercard is an innovative new platform that puts traders from around the UK in touch with each, and doesn’t limit these interactions to just a few sole individuals. Bartercard allows businesses to offer “credits” rather than cash as a purchase medium, which enables them to trade freely with others, cutting out the middleman and letting them work out deals that suit both parties. Bartercard even allows businesses to partner up, and different traders can syndicate purchases by clubbing together – this can help them to spread the costs of a corporate box at sports events, or even to invest in real estate.

How does Bartercard work?

Bartercard works on a simple principle – it’s better for a business to trade in gift vouchers than cash. This is because there is always a profit margin built into a voucher, and businesses are only ever buying and selling goods at cost value. Bartercard works by letting businesses trade cash in for “Trade pounds” (T£), which can then be used to purchase goods and services from hundreds of other partner businesses around the country.

How does Bartercard help businesses?

There are a huge number of benefits to using Bartercard, but chief amongst these is the ability for a business to translate a gift voucher into saleable stock. By exchanging T£ for an immediately saleable asset, businesses can quickly generate cash income from their trade pounds – this means they can easily swap out goods (with their full profit margin attached) for equipment and stock that’s desperately needed. Of course, swapping goods with one business then allows the barterer to use their new T£ to “purchase” stock from another trader, without the need for cash.

In addition to this, Bartercard customers are just as likely to recommend businesses that provide a great service to their acquaintances in the cash economy as they would be when they paid with cash. Every transaction that’s completed through Bartercard is an opportunity to develop a great reputation in the cash economy, generating referral business that brings in capital.

Bartercard provides a highly flexible and useful option for businesses to source the goods they need at a fair price. With the growing flexibility of contra-trading in the digital era, Bartercard is certainly worth investigating.