Marketing your business through a contra deal

Marketing Your Small Business Through Contra Dealing

For hundreds of businesses up and down the country, contra dealing is a valuable tool in everyday trading. Being able to negotiate for the exchange of goods and services free from the restrictions of cash flow is empowering, and enables businesses of any size to generate profits and seize opportunities. One area in which many small businesses struggle, however, is in marketing, and this goldmine of contra deal possibilities is under-exploited by many companies.


Contra Dealing for Market Exposure

Contra-dealing as a marketing tool is nothing new; think of how many times you’ve seen a competition run “in partnership with” another brand, or when a prize has been supplied by a business. This doesn’t have to stop with big companies, though – the same concept can be applied to businesses of any size. Especially in the modern world of social media, cross-promotion is possible on any level. It’s very easy for brands to interact with one another for mutual benefit, by promoting each other’s digital presence.


Marketing your Business Using a Secure Contra Deal

Of course, like any other contra deal, a marketing contra deal should be fully recorded so that both partners understand exactly what they’ll be getting, and what they’ll be expected to provide in exchange. An example contract might look something like this:

Business Name: Winslow Village Shop

Contact Details: 53 Onsford Street, Winslow, WE4 4HL

Deal Summary: Winslow Village Shop will be supplied with deliveries of fresh seafood and fish products at a 10% discount by Fred’s Fisheries. In exchange, Winslow Village Shop will display one A3 poster advertising Fred’s Fisheries (to be supplied by Fred’s Fisheries), and will post one promotional Facebook status and two Tweets per week online.

Deal Length: This arrangement will continue as long as both parties are content, and can be ended by either party with 14 days’ notice.


Tips for a Marketing Contra Deal:

It’s a smart idea to be as specific as possible when wording your contra deal. In this case, the deal is outlined quite clearly, but the content and source of the social media content isn’t specified – who creates the posts? Will they be photos? Who will provide the photos? Brand image is so important when it comes to marketing, and it’s crucial to know exactly what you’re getting, if you’re going to trust another party to create it for you.