How to ask for a contra deal


So, you have readied your business assets and are primed to start the profitable journey of bartering with local businesses, but how exactly do you ask a company for a contra deal? Well, there are several different ways and to some extent, you are limited only by your imagination. However, we recommend some simple steps to follow when asking for a contra deal, and we have written them up for you below.


  1. Be sure to empathise that it is a mutually beneficial agreement

It would be naïve to expect another company to enter a contra deal with you without a proven benefit for them. This should be one of the first things you outline when asking for a contra deal. Include monetary values for your products or services and relate them to their company. This will help them realise the potential value you could add to their company.


  1. Ensure you are talking to relevant decision-makers in the company

You would be surprised by the number of people who initiate a business conversation with the wrong person. This is not only an issue in contra dealing but also the wider world of sales and marketing. Initiate the conversation by asking if the person you are talking to is the right person to be discussing contra deals with. This will save you and your company a lot of time and money. Also, remember to be polite throughout the process, likability has a strong role in close-knit contra deals.


  1. Ask the other company what they are looking for

As stated, when asking for a contra deal you need to show that it is mutually beneficial; this can be done by asking the other party what they are looking for. You can then tailor your offering to their needs when developing the proposal for your contra deal. Once you know what they are after, you can then describe your goods and services for the contra deal from their perspective.


Build rapport with the other party before going in for the kill

As mentioned previously, many companies wish to enter contra dealing for a chance to work with businesses they get along with. This is very important when bartering as companies are far less likely to stick out poor service if there is not the security of money in the transaction.

Therefore, we recommend talking and connecting with your contra deal target before asking for the contra deal. This will give you a chance to fulfil all 3 of the above recommendations before sending them a contra deal proposal contract.