Preserve your corporate image with reusable personalised face masks

Since March 2020 face coverings have become the new norm, with members of the public taking to the streets clad in masks a common sight. From snoods worn in colder weather to disposable masks and face shields, there are many options available to buy, but this can cause problems for businesses. Companies that let their employees select and purchase face masks of their own have found their public image has suffered, especially when personnel wear uniforms. Personalised face masks can provide an ideal solution that allows enterprises to brand face coverings with their company identity.

In the following sections, we’ll explore some of the advantages that firms can enjoy when they select personalised face masks that can be reused.

Promoting a consistent company image

As touched on briefly before, having your uniformed staff wearing a mixture of masks can make them look scruffy, particularly when they work alongside each other. However, when you order personalised face masks in your company colours or in tones that match your people’s uniforms, a smarter look can be created for your whole workforce. As in the military, using a wardrobe that is standardised for all your staff will present a corporate identity that looks professional, organised, and efficient.

Benefits of choosing a reusable face mask

The Department for Business, Energy, and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) has provided companies with detailed guidance for the use of PPE in specific work settings. If your staff are required to wear face masks in their roles, you’ll find choosing personalised fabric masks that are reusable a more economic option than disposable coverings. Staff can be issued one to two masks each and can wash and reuse them as needed.

Selecting reusable masks is also a more environmentally friendly option. Recent studies indicate that millions of disposable-style masks are ending up in landfills here in the United Kingdom every day.

Sustainability is an important issue for many potential customers and clients who are seeking to only use products and services that are ethically sound. Equipping your staff with reusable masks can clearly display your green intentions to the world.

It pays to advertise

When your staff operate in the sight of the public, personalised face masks can have additional advantages. Smartly branded with your business logo or company messaging, these protective coverings can act like mobile advertising. Placed at head height, face masks are always in plain view ensuring your firm’s identity remains in the public eye.

Personalising the face masks worn by your people also shows your company stance on health and safety matters. Not only does it display that you take your staff’s care seriously, but that your firm puts a priority on public safety. This can be crucial when you want to build brand trust with a new customer base and potential clients.

Whether your staff are interacting with customers or the public, with personalised masks, they’ll be easily identified as legitimate members of your firm, offering reassurance.  For more ideas about marketing do read this article.

Keep your team safe

Finally, just like a football squad, having all your staff wearing the same uniform masks can help them feel like more of a team but the key priority is keeping them and others safe. Personalised reusable masks are designed to kill bacteria both on the inside and outside offering premium protection levels for all.